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About Us

Hi! My name is Leena Alam, and I’m the founder of Resonate, a Connecticut-based program created to help young music students in need.

When I was younger, we music students were always pushed to pursue private music lessons as a way to take our musical education to the next level. If a student hadn’t gotten private lessons by the time they got to high school, they were looked down upon. “Wait, she doesn’t know that fingering?” “Yeah, it’s because she never took private lessons,” someone would reply with a purse on their lips. It was unfair; not everybody could direct their resources to the highly coveted private lessons from top-tier music schools.

Although I have a private teacher now, I didn’t always have one. Once I started working with a private teacher, I immediately noticed the difference in my playing and my mindset towards music. Instead of practicing boring exercises from middle school band class, I was working on solo repertoire that let me express myself. I finally had someone there to help me harness my talent into something I and others could appreciate, and help me be more excited about playing my instrument. When I realized what an important experience some people were missing, I knew I had to take action.

Resonate was created to make sure kids who don’t find an opportunity for private lessons can get them affordably. We believe that just because a student can’t allocate their resources to getting private lessons, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to access that valuable experience. Music education shouldn’t have to come with a giant price tag, and the arts should be accessible to all.

On this website, parents and students K-10 will easily be able to schedule lessons with our teachers, or ask any of our staff a question. For more tips and readily available information, we’ll put out a video every week with exercises for your instrument and tips for instrument care, created by our very own instructors! We also have our blog, which you can visit for a deeper dive into the world of music. 

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and that our passion ‘resonates’ with you!

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